Athleisure: Why This Trend Isn’t Going Anywhere in 2021!

While a pair of trusty leggings will never go out of style, many people are wondering whether it’s time to chuck out their athleisure. We’re here to tell you don’t: Athleisure's moment is far from being over. As far as we're concerned, a few sporty-chic pieces are almost as essential as a good pair of jeans.

Who wants to put on a pair of tight dress pants after spending the past few years lounging in super comfy sweat? No one, that's who. Here's why athleisure isn't going out of style anytime soon:

It’s Comfortable

With numerous states going in and out of lockdown due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, high-risk employees are still working from home. And at home, people like to be comfortable. Athleisure provides you comfort with style—elevated matching sets, luxurious sweatshirts, and designer sneakers aren't only super soft, they're also super stylish! Many people are forgoing tight, skinny jeans to lounge in athleisure, a trend reinforced by lockdowns. If you’d rather relax and wind down in tight, itchy, form-fitting clothes compared to some super cozy and casual sweats, there's probably something wrong with you.


It’s All about Quality

People are now forgoing quantity for quality. Athleisure brands focus on providing top quality products by using premium materials. Morgan Stanley confirms that global activewear sales are still going up, so there’s clearly been a shift in the past few decades with a focus on quality. If you don't believe it, just go window shopping—you'll see racks and racks of leggings, sweats, sports bras, and more.

Even lingerie companies are expanding to channel the laid-back looks of sports bras, infamous denim brands are marketing stretchable jeans, and numerous brands have expanded into work leisure! All of these fabrics are not only cozy and comfy, but they're also easy to deal with. These clothes are made of hi-tech fabrics that can be easily thrown into a Laundromat.  

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